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Continuing Professional Development Course

Suitable for
• Architects
• Designers
• Material Specifiers

CPD Course

J&C Architectural present their Continuing Professional Development Course (CPD) for Architects, Designers, Main Contractors and Material Specifiers considering the use of U-Channel Glazing Systems in their designs or projects.

CPD learning is required in most professions to assist Chartered Members to stay up to date with developments in design and specifications.

Chartered Members are required to undertake a minimum of 35 hours learning per year in some cases, half of which must be in a structured form with learning aims and outcomes. Keeping up to date with new products  such as innovations in U-Channel Glazing meets the criteria and provides designers with current specification advice which complies with both British Standards and Building Regulations

J&C Architectural
CPD Course

The J&C Architectural CPD course provides Architects, Designers, Main Contractors & Material Specifiers with the basic information required to have knowledge of the use of U-Channel glass, design, constraints, structural accommodations and material properties for the different systems and how to overcome some of the challenges that may be encountered.

Understanding that your time is premium, J&C Architectural will come to your offices & provide a short (45-60 min) CPD learning session at a time of your convenience.

We can also provide individual or team sessions via an Online Video Call for any staff working remotely or from home.

If you are interested in our CPD Course, supporting documents or material samples, 

please email the J&C Office at or call our main office at 0141 634 4012