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LINIT U-Profile Glass

Adamson Hospital, Cupar, FifeLINIT U-Profile or channel shaped glass - an alkali-lime glass consisting mainly of sand, lime, soda and dolomite - is a special form of moulded glass.

These raw materials are carefully melted down in the world’s first oxygen-fired – and therefore also environmentally friendly - glass moulding oven. The glass strip taken from the oven is bent into a U shape whilst still in its plastic phase. It is then cooled and hardened. After the precisely controlled cooling process, the desired lengths are automatically cut, checked for quality, and packaged in batches in transport foil.

The resulting glass channels all have an individual optical character, which gives the effect of a lively, light-refracting glass facade.

In contrast e.g. to floatglass, no two LAMBERT LINIT glass tracks have the same optical and physical properties, although they naturally all meet the values and characteristics listed in the respective LINIT product definitions. 


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