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Linit Dimensions

By contrast to flat panes of glass and due to its U shape, LINIT channel shaped glass has excellent load-bearing capacities and can therefore be installed in very considerable lengths (up to 7m depending on wind load/stress) without any intermediate support.

LINIT U-profiled glass has such high static strength that side braces can usually be avoided. The result is a façade which provides a maximum of glass and a minimum of frame profile.

LAMBERTS LINIT channel shaped glass is produced in seven basic types, which differ with respect to the U shape and in their dimensions. LAMBERTS LINIT produced according to our given product specifications (contact us) – unless expressly stated otherwise.

LINIT special glasses, with divergent glass thickness, web width, and flange heights can be produced in special productions, depending on special requirements, from a certain order size.

If required, definitive information is available from our sales department. For special glasses, if required, the tolerances and surface dimensions given in the respective product specifications may not be applicable. Where needed, details of this should be obtained prior to production from those involved in the project, planning and ordering.

LINIT U-profiled glass is supplied from 100 cm up to a maximum length of 700 cm depending on type. Within this range, fixed dimensions may be ordered to any desired length, in observance of production tolerances.


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