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Aesthetics & Functionality

All LINIT glass types are manufactured as standard with Décor “504” Pearl structure, which features excellent light scattering properties.


LINIT Clarissimo, is a production –technical further development of the LINIT clear, which has experienced marked success for many years. The LINIT clarissimo is produced using non structure rollers, and its good transparency from the rolled glass provides the observer with an additional aesthetic attraction. However it should be noted that the optical qualities of rolled glass are fundamentally incomparable with the surface and transparency of float glass as the production techniques are completely different.

LINIT Solar is a smooth silky surface structure, which on one hand allows ideal energy gains and on the other hand, due to its elegant appearance, meets highest aesthetic demands. This surface was developed by the Glasfabrik Lamberts for Steven Holl Architects, New York and was applied for the first time in the Nelson Atkins Museum of Arts (also see our separate projects brochure). Since then LINIT solar was used not only in several follow-up projects of Steven Holl, like Pratt Institute/NY, Swiss Embassy/Washington and Kunstens Hus/Herning, but also in many other buildings of highest aesthetic demands across the globe.

This high claim of design can also be met by the new LINIT Cord. The very fine line-shaped surface structure also distinguishes trough its extraordinary elegance. In addition LINIT Cord surprises through different viewing angles, again and again, with new astonishing and appealing optical effects, which however are not intrusive, but appear timelessly casual.

LINIT Prismasolar is an expressive surface structure developed specially by Lamberts, which – when laid horizontally – serves both as seasonal shade and to bring light into the depths of the room (See Seasonal Shading). Furthermore, this extravagant structure, which is unique on the market for rolled glass, also provides interesting lighting effects and unexpected optical illusions.

LINIT Ice is a new surface structure from LAMBERTS, which accentuates the natural, elemental character of glass and, especially in addition with frosted glass insides, Ice-aesthetics can be empathised. Alongside it is also applicable for fields, where the least possible transparency is desired.

The LINIT special glasses LINIT Clarissimo, LINIT Solar, LINIT Cord, LINIT Prismasolar and LINIT Ice are patent protected by LAMBERTS.

Each of the above LINIT surfaces is produced in accordance with defined product specifications. These individual product specifications are exclusively definitive with respect to product quality and control thereof.

Clarissimo Solar 504 Pearl Ice Cord Prismasolar
LINIT Clarissimo LINIT Solar LINIT 504 Pearl LINIT Ice LINIT Cord LINIT Prismasolar


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