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LINIT Colour Enamelled

By burning ceramic colours into the glass inside, the designer has the possibility, to create LINIT-facades in a multiplicity of RAL colour-shades (from white over orange to black), depending on the colour with more or less translucency.

The aesthetic brilliance of the glasses, just like with LINIT matt, can be considerably raised by the use of low iron LINIT (see LINIT sandblasted).

The advantage of LINIT color, lays particularly in the fact, that the ceramic colour is burnt into the glass at a temperature of approx. 650 C°, and hereby in comparison to regular colour applications in low temperature ranges an extraordinary better durability, especially in association with UV radiation, is achieved.

A simultaneous toughening of the glasses raises the maximum resistance to temperature differences according to DIN EN 14179-1 of approx. 40 K to approx. 150 K, whereby the risk of glass breakage due to thermal stress, which occurs during regular application of colour is transferred to a temperature range, which is regularly not obtained in standard uses. Of course latter has to be checked by the planner in accordance with the individual requirements
of the project.

If desired, it is also possible to partially enamel the LINIT glass channels, and hereby creating surfaces with more or less colour application in the glass wall.

All LINIT glasses from the product range (see page 18) - without the coatings 1.7W, azur and solex and/or wire inlays - can be colour enamelled up to a length of 7000mm.


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