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Glass Surface Refinement

By additional refinement steps façades with LINIT U-Profiled glass can aesthetically be arranged considerably more interesting and/or attractive. The Lamberts LINIT refinement is carried out exclusively on company owned, mostly Lamberts-engineered and adjusted to U-profiled glass particularities machinery, to be able to guarantee the well-known high quality to our costumers, for which Lamberts is known in the glass market.

At LINIT Matt, a U-profiled glass with a sandblasted glass inside, the light is completely scattered and as a result diffusely dispersed, so in opposition to vectored transmittance no clear outlines occur. The hereby aroused soft, whitish shade of colour, gives an LINIT façade with comparatively low extra expenses an additional attractiveness and aesthetic lightness, especially then, when the glass façade is illuminated from behind.

The brilliance of such a façade can be enhanced furthermore, by using so called ULTRA-Low Iron LINIT instead of standard glass. ULTRA-Low Iron LINIT, due to its lower iron content, reduces the common greenish tint of the standard glass considerably and hereby accentuates the optical appearance of the sandblasting.

If desired, it is also possible to partially sandblast the LINIT glass shapes, and hereby creating more or fewer translucent surfaces in the glass wall.

MATT (Sandblasted) Refinement
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