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LINIT ULTRA Low Iron Glass

LINIT Low Iron, which is produced in special production runs, is certainly the premium glass type in the whole U-profiled glass field.

Due to its further optimized low iron resource composition, LINIT Low Iron has a high light transmission factor of approx. 90%, as well as radiation transmission factor of approx. 88% (usual tolerances for rolled glass are to be observed).

Due to the fact that the glass melt of LINIT low iron is usually significantly paler, respectively less green than a standard production, LINIT low iron is preferably used by architects and designers, particularly in connection with refined surfaces (sandblasted LINIT matt, respectively colour enamelled LINIT color).

In these special production runs generally P26/60/7 low iron solar is produced for specific projects, respectively also on stock (sale as long as glass is available; reservations possible). Other low iron LINIT types are produced for special projects, following the requirements of the projects, starting on a minimum quantity, which depends on the specific glass type.

In the event of interest, please contact our sales staff.


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