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Seasonal Shading

LAMBERTS LINIT prismasolar is a surface developed especially by LAMBERTS which provides extraordinary qualities: Thanks to its precisely-determined prismatic structure, it is possible for a high proportion of the solar radiation in winter to pass trough the glazing into the interior of the building. By contrast in summer a high proportion of the solar radiation is reflected back to the outside.

The static seasonal shade, which generally has a long durability due to use of the material glass, helps to make the energy permeation of facades both more controllable and more efficient, depending on the time of year and the associated differences in energy requirements.

The Prismasolar Functioning Principle:

Winter Situation / Summer Situation

The steeper the light angle (in summer) and thus the tendency towards internal overheating, the more it encompasses the area automatically shifted by the glass: a large proportion of the light-heat radiation is then thrown back outwards by reflection. When the angle of light is flat, a further useful side effect is the improvement in lighting in the depths of the room space.


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