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  • World famous architects use LAMBERTS LINIT.
  • Internationally renowned architect awards such as the AIA Honour Award 2008, for example, presented actually to two projects with large-area and highly sophisticated LAMBERTS LINIT applications, distinguish the architect’s excellent work and also the glass products.
  • Since the year 2000, LAMBERTS LINIT are the first glass manufacturers in the world to offer LAMBERTS LINIT U-Profile Glass as standard, in lengths of up to 7m, as tempered safety glass, with or without coloured enamelling or sandblasting. LAMBERTS LINIT are also continuously expanding the range of glass surfaces in order to meet the growing demands put by architects for highest aesthetic solutions. 
    Just recently, for example, a bore-hole mounted, point-fixed profile glass facade was successfully implemented for the very first time using LAMBERTS LINIT (See Below).

National Library, Prague


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