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4J&C Architectural Automatist A4-2


Fire Suppression System

Suitable for
• New Build Projects
• Existing Building Renovations
• Residential Apartments

Plumis Automist Fire Suppression System

J&C Architectural are a Plumis Approved Installer for the Smartscan Hydra Automist system which provides targeted fire suppression and can be used in lieu of a standard wet pipe sprinkler system. The Smartscan Hydra Automist system complies with the requirements of BS 8458:2015 (BSI Certificate #780009).

The Smartscan Automist system has distinct advantages over the traditional wet sprinkler pipe system from the automated head which targets the fire and extinguishes it using minimal quantities of water (6 L/Min Automist versus 60 L/Min for traditional wet bulb) – and thereby minimising any water damage. The system can also be easily retrofitted into existing buildings including residential buildings without decanting residents and having minimal disruption to residents and the fabric of the building.

J&C Architectural provides design and installation services for the Smartscan Hydra Automist System as well as post installation warranty, repairs and annual certifications.

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