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South Cambridge District Council Building

South Cambridgeshire District Council building

Phase 2 of the Façade replacement project at the South Cambridgeshire District Council building – North Screen #1 complete with new Lamberts Linit glass installed horizontally.

This project was the second replacement screen at the South Cambridgeshire Council building. This change was due to some storm damage the previous screen had incurred. The glass used was sent to the site within 6 weeks from the design release. The team worked to ensure that all standards were met and that the impact on people using the building was kept low.

The result of the replacement produced a clean, modern look to the façade and the building overall, resulting in a happy clientele. As the testimonial given below will show.

‘Great communication and excellent customer-focused service. The whole team was professional
throughout and continually worked to a high standard. J&C was a pleasure to deal with and any
issues that arise were dealt with promptly and with minimal impact to our building users.
They often when above and beyond to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.‘     –   South Cambridgeshire District Council

J&C Architectural continues to work with our glass manufacturer Lamberts GmbH to provide Linit glass, manufactured from start to finish in their factory based in Germany, and maintaining an 8-week lead time for fabricated U-Channel glass from order to site.

Do you need U-Channel glass? Contact our team to see how we can help you.