Charity Run Update

Charity Run Update

Charity Run Update: On Sunday the 21st November 2021, one of our directors, Colin Woof, undertook a charity run dressed as Santa Clause by donning the famous red and white suit, beard, and cap to help raise money for disadvantaged children at Christmas. He did so on behalf of the charity, Children 1st running an impressive 5K.

We have received word that a grand total of £1131.25 was raised, contributed by 24 very generous donors. We would like to thank each of the donors for their contributions, every penny raised will go on to do some good for families during this festive period. It will allow many children to experience the joy of the season when they may otherwise have not been able to. Truly, THANK YOU ALL!

This money has enabled the charity; Children 1st, to empower families to fulfill their Christmas traditions and provide their children with the best Christmas possible.

The feedback from families has been overwhelmingly positive – “I was really worried about Christmas and talked to my children about not having enough money for presents, I felt guilty. I can’t believe you’ve been able to help in this way. I’m greeting here, so emotional, thanks so much.”

Children 1st is Scotland’s National Children’s Charity. Children 1st supports children in Scotland to live in safe, loving families and to build strong communities. The charity works with children, young people and their families to uphold and progress their rights and improve systems that support them across the country.

We at J&C Architectural Ltd are proud to say we have played a small part in helping this goal, with thanks going of course to Colin Woof for his effort in running the 5K.



Charity Run

Charity Run Update

J&C Architectural & Friends Charity Run

On Sunday the 21st, one of our directors, Colin Woof, undertook a charity run dressed as Santa Clause to help raise money for disadvantaged children this Christmas. We are proud to announce that a total of £915 was raised from this effort thus far.

We would like to thank all 22 of the contributors for their generous donations, every penny given helps immensely.
If you would like to also contribute to the charity, you can do so at the link below.

Christmas is a natural time for giving and so for Christmas 2021, we hope you’re able to help join in the fun and give the gift of joy and hope to children across Scotland. #charity #christmas #run #santaclaus #jandcarchitectural