University of Sheffield Completion

The completion of the University of Sheffield project in Sheffield marks yet another proud moment for the J&C Architectural team. This Project consisted of several rotunda-shaped buildings with LINIT U-Channel Glazed screens. One of the standout features of this project was the innovative use of LINIT U-Channel Glazed screens, which were incorporated in a hit-and-mix arrangement with curtain walling in-between our Linit screens. This was just another example of elegant J&C Architectural design.

As the J&C Architectural team celebrates the successful completion of the University of Sheffield project, we take pride in the role we played in creating a visually stunning and functional space for students, faculty, and visitors alike.

University of Sheffield, Update 2

University of Sheffield

Work is progressing well going forward on another of J&C Architectural Ltd.’s latest projects, the University of Sheffield. This project involves the use of the LINIT Double Glazing System, which provides great insulation and soundproofing properties ideal for use in schools and universities.

As can be seen below, we have before and after images of one of the completed rotunda levels demonstrating the dramatic difference that the use of the LINIT Double Glazing System has made to the space. The use of this glazing system has transformed the area into a more visually appealing, functional and comfortable environment for students, faculty and staff.

The University of Sheffield project is yet another example of J&C Architecture’s commitment to delivering innovative and high-quality designs that meet the needs and expectations of their clients. The success of this project is a testament to the expertise and skill of the J&C Architecture team.

Before (on left), After (on right)

University of Sheffield Update

University of Sheffield

Work has been undertaken to facilitate the removal of the previous façade on the University of Sheffield and renovations have begun. Replacements of the existing U-Channel Glass systems have progressed in the months since work commenced on the projects. See below for examples of a before and after of our Linit Glass installation replacing the old glass with new. This project is scheduled for completion in the coming months of 2023.

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